Its Murder On The Train!

For a unique experience and the first of its kind - an exciting adventure full of lies, deception and action, this James Bond themed train journey is the newest service Irish Rail has ever seen!

Its murder on the train - make sure to find your seat before you find yourself amoungst the chaos and the journey to the truth begins!

Licence to Kill!

James Bond has been murdered. M has called all the agents of M15 for an extraordinary meeting in a secure train. Top agents from Russia, France and also old enemies of James Bond are under suspicion! Is there a mole in M15? Or is it the revenge of an old nemesis? Or one of the many women in his life who he loved and left?
Your mission if you choose to accept it is to expose the murderer! Your enemy is cunning deceitful and will stop at nothing. However no one will leave the train till the mystery is solved. Be vigilant at all times and remember you have a licence to kill!


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