Medical Mishaps!

Oh dear! It seems the Bride/Groom/CEO was visiting a friend in hospital and was accidentally kidnapped by a patient on the psychiatric ward! The doctors and nurses have their hands full as patients seem to be breaking out and on the loose! Join them, as they need you to help them before we all go mad!

How it works

  • We will send your Groom/Bride/CEO a script and instuctions to make a short home movie to send to us and start the fun.
  • The actors will meet your party in an agreed venue. They will introduce themselves, explain the situation and play the 'hostages' home movie.¬†
  • In order to free the 'hostage', you must follow the rediculous requests of the crazy individual that holds them!
  • Your party will divide into teams and be given a list of missions to carry out around the town which are both entertaining and crazy but what else can you expect from the mind of a mad man!
  • The actors will be interacting with you in various parts of the town.
  • The lunacy ends when you gather again at an agreed venue to see if your efforts were insane enough!
  • A prize will be given to the winning team.

Playing space required

  • For a pub-crawl mystery, the action happens around the town of your destination. The characters will be in 3 locations around the town, unless you have a specific request we will orgnize these venues for you.¬†

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